What We Do


We believe firmly in the value of education as a life-changing tool.

We believe that a community of lives can be improved by putting a degree in every inner city household. As each one impacts another, household by household, entire communities will be changed for the better.

We also believe that donors’ money matters and that it should go where you intend it to go. That’s why we unreservedly commit that every penny of every donation will be used to pay tuitions and not administrative expenses. We are a community of volunteers who love what we do. Period.

We believe in complete authenticity, transparency and accountability in meeting our objectives, including prudent management of our resources and on-demand reporting. The Chance Foundation is an approved registered non-profit entity.

We believe that an investment in Chance is an investment in the future; that the health of our community depends largely on the well-being of our youth, and that depends on the investment that we make in them. Without a doubt, education is key to unlocking potential and achieving personal fulfillment.



through hands-on mentoring and funding tertiary education of deserving inner city youth to help them to become self-sustaining