Mentor Testimonials


Our student body is comprised solely of inner city youth who show a desire for tertiary education and beyond, but who, but for The Chance Foundation, would not have any real opportunity beyond a public high school education. As a part of their accountability, every student is required to sign a formal Covenant committing themselves, among other things, to helping others in the way that they have been helped by The Chance Foundation. Some of our graduates have returned as peer mentors to other students. Others have helped their peers to find employment.

While we are committed to funding their tertiary education, students are required to invest in their own education by paying a small portion of the expenses of their education.

University of The Bahamas


The Chance Foundation Scholarship is different from many other scholarships in that it gives at-risk students the tools needed to succeed in tertiary education beyond just a cheque. As evidenced by this mentorship program, The Chance Foundation focuses on the holistic development of its recipients.

When I was initially approached by the organization, I was a bit reluctant at first. I wondered if I truly had enough experience to commit to such a serious task. I am glad I went with my better judgment and accepted the role. My experience as a mentor with the Chance Foundation is one I will never forget. During the time spent with my mentee, I have learned so much not only about him, but discovered many qualities about myself.

One great aspect of the program is that the Chance Foundation will try to match you as best as possible with a mentee. My mentee was not only close in age but was pursuing a degree very similar to mine, so we had a lot in common. I believe this allowed us to quickly bond and gain each other’s trust.

Having someone depend on you, and look up to you as an example is a heavy responsibility and has challenged me to always be my best self. The best tactic I’ve learned in being a good mentor is to stop trying and just be. You may not be able to solve all your mentee’s problems, but just being there is sometimes enough. The memories I’ve forged and lessons I’ve learnt, I will cherish forever! I am thankful for this opportunity from the Chance Foundation for mutual enrichment.

University of The Bahamas


Being a mentor for The Chance Foundation has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It has given me an opportunity to impart my knowledge as well as to encourage and motivate youth towards achieving their goals and dreams. Simultaneously, I was inspired by my mentee, Tyshanna Glinton. Her passion for learning and teaching were contagious. I found myself studying and researching more, just to keep up with her. Tyshanna is an exceptional student and a dynamic young lady who cultivates an attitude of success daily. What impresses me the most about her is her spirit of resiliency. She is more than a conqueror and it is a blessing and an honour to be her mentor.

Bahamas Baptist College