Mission & Vision

BY putting a degree in every inner city household we will empower our youth with the tools to be self-sustaining. Since 2003 we have proved this to be true and our mission is to continue this process for as long as possible with as many students as possible.

The Chance Foundation grew out of a gaping need to address the allure of nefarious activity to Bahamian inner city youth. Incarceration proved not to be the answer. By then it was too late. Through her involvement with Youth Against Violence, Debi Williams saw the need and the opportunity to replace idleness and hopelessness with education and encouragement as a means of restoring hope, building self-worth, and becoming self-sustaining.

The Chance Foundation was established in 2003. It is an approved registered non-profit entity. Since that time it has delivered to numerous Bahamian youth a chance to live and dream beyond the confines of a basic education, beyond menial tasks, beyond entry-level employment, and beyond gang-association.