Virley McKinney

Virley McKinney has been engaged as a Civil Engineer (E.I.T) since 2012 when he obtained a Bachelor’s of Civil Engineering from the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering, Tallahassee Florida. Virley returned to The Bahamas and worked as a consultant with a local engineering firm in the department of Civil Design. His interest for road constructing developed during his first major project as a Site Engineer at the Freeport Container Port in Dec 2013 and three years later at the Airport Runway Rehabilitation Project. Having acquired the experience of road design and construction during the course of both projects Virley founded a design-build road construction company, Asphalt Maintenance Paving & Testing Company, engaged in small to medium size paving and maintenance jobs including road paving, trench reinstatement, driveway paving, seal coating, striping, drainage maintenance and curbing.

In 2009 when Virley became a sponsored, mentoree of The Chance Foundation, he was struggling to achieve a 2.0 GPA and to find a fixed place from which to sleep and study. With strong mentoring and support, Virley’s academic performance improved consistently resulting in successful graduation, employment, experience, and entrepreneurship. He is now providing jobs for others in the community.