Student Testimonials


My name is Samantha Saunders, a recipient of the Chance Foundation’s Scholarship. This opportunity impacted my life in the most positive and beneficial way imaginable. The Foundation gave me a “Chance” to strive for excellence despite my situation. They did everything possible to assist me and I would be more than willing to return the favor to this remarkable organization. Ms. Iris Strachan is my mentor who constantly checks in on me and interacts with me, making me feel as if it is a privilege to assist me. Ms. Ann Smith receives calls from me because of things I may need and despite it all, every call is answered and every request is executed. Both of these wonderful and striving ladies are determined to aid me in making the best of my situation, all thanks to the Chance Foundation for assigning these ladies to me. I never thought I would’ve been at a college, but I didn’t go to a college, I’m now at the University of The Bahamas. You shouldn’t allow your past to determine your future. Make it change now with the Chance Foundation Scholarship opportunity.

University of The Bahamas


I am from North Andros and the eldest of 5 children. I am a 2017 graduate of The Huntley Christie High School. Now studying Cosmetology at Bahamas Technical & Vocational Institute.I always wanted to be a wedding planner and decided that by learning to do hair I could perform additional services and perhaps one day even open my own salon.

I am only able to pursue my dream because of the support of The Chance Foundation. While in High School, my Guidance Counsellor told me about several scholarships available. I applied and the Chance Foundation responded. I felt enthusiastic and very shocked that I was about to receive a scholarship and I then moved to Nassau to attend BTVI so that I could pursue my dream. So far The Chance Foundation has assisted with tuition, books, uniforms and my cosmetology kit. Without them I could not have done it. I would probably have been working and trying to save money for school. Thanks to their help I am able to stay on track with my classes. I am very grateful and I know that I will do well so that they can see that they did not make a mistake by selecting me.



I would like to thank The Chance Foundation for allowing me the opportunity to further my education and accomplish my goals. I am where I am today because of The Chance Foundation. My vision was to go off to college and study marine engineering and became a seaman. I now work for a major tug boat company. Thanks to The Chance Foundation I hold a number of certificates, which certify me to work anywhere in the world. The Foundation has played a major role in my life and I cannot thank them enough for believing in me and giving me the chance to excel.



My relationship with The CHANCE Foundation has been a learning experience. I am the first to receive the Bartlett Award and it has changed my life. I have built good relationships with different people from different walks of life including the heads of different departments in BTVI and they are always helping me in my quest for a better life. The CHANCE Foundation has given me the opportunity to learn a trade at Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute which I enjoy. My mentor, Mr. Smith, is always encouraging me and I will always be grateful to The CHANCE Foundation.



It all started at my high school graduation where most of my classmates had a plan for what they would do next. Sadly, I did not have a plan because my mother did not have the money to send me to college and did not know about life after high school. After graduation my guidance counselor was standing at the door with a scholarship sign-up sheet. I thought there was no chance for me because of how poorly I did on my BGCSEs. But I signed up and later got a call that the Chance Foundation had accepted me. I was so surprised and happy to get the good news that I was given a chance to better my life. The Chance Foundation gave me a scholarship to Bahamas Baptist Community College to do my college prep classes. The Chance Foundation held meetings every so often where I met my first Mentor, Ms. Fran Dillett. She is a lovely intelligent lady who was always there to listen and a shoulder to cry on. Later I got another Mentor, Mikhail Bullard. We met at the end of every week and because of the help of my Mentors I was able to pass my English class. I progressed to study at University of The Bahamas where I chose Nursing as my major and The Chance Foundation agreed to stick with me though the journey. Without the Foundation and my Mentors I could not have made it this far.

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University of The Bahamas


Receiving a scholarship from The Chance Foundation has given me the opportunity to further my dream to become a preschool educator. I am very thankful for this thoughtful gift which is a ‘CHANCE’ – a chance to achieve and succeed despite my circumstances. While being a proud recipient of this prestigious award I really admire the fact that each individual was assigned to a mentor. My mentor, Mrs. Wanda Cooper, has been a positive role model and has encouraged me to do my best each school semester. She has truly been a blessing to me and my family.

Bahamas Baptist College


Financial assistance was not the greatest gift bestowed upon me by the Chance Foundation. The greatest gift in fact, was Keiron Greene and Ms. Ann Smith. To ensure that I remain successful, the Foundation has provided me with the unyielding support of Ms. Smith and my mentor, Keiron. Ms. Smith was always a mere phone call away, and just speaking to her sometimes was enough to make me feel better about anything. She was always available! Keiron has been instrumental to my academic success. If it were not for him, I doubt that I would have achieve the academic heights he pushed me to reach. Even when I wanted to give up, he never gave up on me. Keiron has reassured me time and time again to believe in myself, giving me the strength I needed to do the things I must. Both Keiron and Ms. Smith are gifts, because their unwavering support has had major contributions to who I am now and who I am becoming. They are a huge part of my story!

The pursuit of my dream to become a Certified Public Accountant has become more of a reality for me thanks to the Chance Foundation which is more than just a means of academic financial assistance, but rather a beacon of hope whose bright light shines through the despair of darkness. To me, “hope” is the only way to see and spell out the shimmering light when surrounded by darkness. “Hope” is what the Chance Foundation means to me.

Accountant Aspirant-University of The Bahamas